The Zapatista Journey for Life in the WISE Islands: Bristol & Alba

★ Bristol ★

On Wednesday 27th, the delegation enjoyed breakfast at the Plough in Bristol, which of course included Kiptik Zapatista coffee! The links between Kiptik, Easton Cowboys/Cowgirls and the Zapatista communities were cemented, then experiences and ideas were shared with ACORN Community Union, Bristol Defendant Solidarity and Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate. This was followed up with a visit to Essential Trading Co-operative where the Kiptik Zapatista coffee is imported.

Photo by Kitptik

★ Nottingham ★

On Thursday 28th, the delegates met at the Sumac Centre, where the compas had the opportunity to meet with local activists.

★ Alba ★ Scotland★

Photo by @ScotlandZapat

On Wednesday 27th, seven Zapatista women landed at Cairnryan coming from Northern Ireland. People from Scotland Zapatista and other local solidarity organisations welcomed them to Alba (the Gaelic word for Scotland).

Photo by @ScotlandZapat

The delegation then travelled to Faslane Peace Camp, where they were given a tour by a former camp resident who explained the place’s history. Afterwards, the compas enjoyed a Mexican-style lunch. Travelling by bus, they toured the area surrounding the Faslane nuclear base. Local long-time peace activists talked to them about direct-action campaigns to protest the base and the repression they often faced. Likewise, they were explained about the links between the presence of nuclear weapons in Scotland and the demands of the independence movement for their removal. Once finished, the Zapatista women talked about the current situation in Chiapas, the role of women in local decision-making and self-government, and how disputes between different townships are resolved.

An anecdote shows the covert forms of intimidation faced by activists. While at a viewpoint looking over Faslane, police officers who had been following the vehicle since the peace camp questioned the driver about the bus. It is worth noting, though, that they did not request any information from the delegation. Following this, the Zapatistas became interested in knowing how policing works in Scotland.

The compas spent the night in Glasgow and heard the details of the Journey for Life in Scotland. They will work along with several organisations, groups and communities in the next days to continue building a world where many worlds fit!

Photo by @ScotlandZapat

During the afternoon of 28 October, the delegation of seven Zapatista women travelled to Dundee to meet with participants of Radical Independence Campaign. The compas explained the philosophy and practice of Zapatista autonomy, its processes, and its obstacles. In addition, they discussed the important role of women in resistance and collective work.

Puede ser una imagen de 8 personas, personas de pie e interior
Photo by @ScotlandZapat

The next morning, the compañeras travelled to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Although the heavy rain delayed the start of the meeting, the compas were warmly received by representatives of more than 15 local organisations and projects that share the anti-capitalist values ​​of the Zapatistas. The Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty (ECAP) and the Autonomous Centre at Edinburgh (ACE) gave an initial message to present their work and the focus of their campaigns. Next, a representative from Bridgend Farmhouse, where the meeting was held, explained the importance that the place has as a model to face the abusive and oppressive landownership system in the country.

Then, the compas explained for three hours how the three levels of government work in the Zapatista communities, the challenges they face, and how dignity, solidarity, resistance and rebellion are embedded in all their practices. Like the day before, the role of women was a key part of the discussion. After answering questions from the participants, the compañeras asked local organisations how the participation of trans people is being promoted. In solidarity, at the end of the meeting a Mexican community chef cooked pozole for the Zapatistas and for all the attendees. In the afternoon, the compas made their way to Glasgow for one more meeting.

Photo by @ScotlandZapat. More photos here: Encounter at Bridgend Farmhouse

★ Resources about the Journey for Life in the WISE Islands ★

Read the collaboration of the Zapatista Solidarity Network:

‘Zapatistas Embark on Journey for Life!’, by Mariana Reyes for the Latin American Bureau

★ ★ ★

The South-East branch of the Zapatista Solidarity Network organised a series of 6 webinars ahead of the Zapatista visit.

★ ★ ★

Collectives and comrades in Ireland have produced an extraordinary series of resources to introduce the Zapatista struggle to new audiences. Check them out!

The Zapatista Podcast – Lessons and Stories from Chiapas, by the Galway Feminist Collective and Promedios Mexico.

The Zapatista Podcast

Conversation with Mick McCaughan ahead of the Zapatista visit to Ireland:

Making Another Worlds Possible, by Laurence Cox. Pamphlet included in the series edited by John Holloway and Ines D. to support the Journey for Life.

★ Social Media & Contacts ★

Follow the different regions organising the Journey for Life in the WISE Islands

@Fáilte go hÉirinn Zapatistas 2021FghZapatistas2021 (Facebook)

@ScotlandZapatista ★

@Zapatatista Solidarity Network (Twitter) ★ ZapaSolNet (Facebook) ★ ZapaSolNet (Instagram)

Fundraiser for the collectives in Ireland.

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed with three Mexican artists – Maldito Perrito, GranOm, and Dante Aguilera -, and Kate O’Shea and V’cenza Cirefice, both from Ireland, to continue raising funds for the Journey for Life. With your support, we will cover the expenses of the Zapatista delegates in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. Have a look at the merchandise on our Teemill shop.

¡La Gira Zapatista Va!


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