The Zapatista Journey for Life in the WISE Islands: Days 10 – 12

Days 10 – 12

★ Republic of Ireland ★ Northern Ireland ★ Wales ★

The Zapatista delegates spent their last day in the Republic of Ireland, where they were warmly welcomed and joined in a series of meetings with local groups, organisers, artists and musicians. On the morning of the 22nd, they participated in a discussion on migrant justice with a group of anti-racist and Traveller activists.

Migrant justice encuentro
Credit @zapsgoheirinn
The tapestry of resistance
The delegation and Kate O’Shea with the tapestry of many struggles. Artwork by @RumpusX. Credit @zapsgoheirinn

The Zapatista delegation touring the WISE Islands is made up of two Listen and Speech teams. Having spent 10 days in the Republic of Ireland in joint activities, the teams will proceed on their journey in two different directions. On the afternoon of October 22nd, the team made up of six compañeras arrived in Northern Ireland, where they will spend a few days before heading to Scotland. On the night of the same day, and after a long ferry journey from Dublin to Holyhead, the second team – made up of six compañeros – arrived in Wales, where they will continue their activities before moving towards England.

★ Northern Ireland ★

On Friday 22nd, the compañeras team had a tour around a local farm on the border.


On Saturday 23rd, they took part in a meeting at Greencastle in the Sperrins Mountians. Discussion was centered around local autonomy and the ways in which community groups are fighting for the rights of nature.

Credit: @zapsgoheirinn

After the meeting, the attendees enjoyed the music played by local activist and musicians Colum Sands, Teknopeasant, and The Stone Resistance.

Credit: @Zapsgoeheirinn

★ Cymru ★ Wales

In Cymru, the second Listen and Speech team had an encuentro in Caernarfon with Undod, Cymdeithas yr Yaith, Partneriaeth Ogwen, Tyddyn teg Cooperative Farm, Cymru Cuba, and the antinuclear organisation People Against Wylfa B.

The gathering was followed by a visit to a community-owned hydroelectric project, next to the slate mine in Bethesda.

The team met with local activists in Tyddyn Teg.

Have a look at this graphic showing some of the topics and areas covered by the Zapatista delegation visiting Cymru – Wales.

More from the Zapatista Solidarity Network

Scotland Zapatista is getting ready for the Journey for Life

Our comrades from @ScotlandZapatista are welcoming some support! Email them at:


Fundraiser in London

While the Listen and Speech teams continue their journey across Northern Ireland and Cymru, the South-East branch of the Zapatista Solidarity Network enjoyed a lovely evening at Cooperation Town, where people gathered to learn about the Zapatista struggle and the work of the National Indigenous Congress.

We had some delicious food and people did not miss the chance to put their hands dirty helping to create some beautiful screen prints. Designs were kindly donated by @malditoperrito. Thanks to our amazing screen-printing crew! People loved the workshop!

We also had posters featuring the work of talented artists @GranOm and @ElDanteAguilera. The hand-made crafts and coffee beans coming directly from Chiapas were a massive success too!

Cooperation Town pledged to provide food for the delegation when they visit London. Massive thanks to them!

The evening was a huge success as we made new friends and had the opportunity to learn from each other in a safe space.

★ Resources about the Journey for Life in the WISE Islands ★

Collectives and comrades in Ireland have produced an extraordinary series of resources to introduce

the Zapatista struggle to new audiences. Check them out!

The Zapatista Podcast – Lessons and Stories from Chiapas, by the Galway Feminist Collective and Promedios Mexico.

The Zapatista Podcast

Conversation with Mick McCaughan ahead of the Zapatista visit to Ireland:

Making Another Worlds Possible, by Laurence Cox. Pamphlet included in the series edited by John Holloway and Ines Duritas to support the Journey for Life.

★ ★ ★

The South-East branch of the Zapatista Solidarity Network organised a series of 6 webinars ahead of the Zapatista visit.

★ Social Media & Contacts ★

Follow the different regions organising the Journey for Life in the WISE Islands

@Fáilte go hÉirinn Zapatistas 2021FghZapatistas2021 (fb)

@ScotlandZapatista ★

@Zapatatista Solidarity NetworkZapaSolNet (fb) ★ ZapaSolNet (Ig)

Fundraiser for the collectives in Ireland.

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed with three Mexican artists – Maldito Perrito, GranOm, and Dante Aguilera -, and Kate O’Shea and V’cenza Cirefice, both from Ireland, to continue raising funds for the Journey for Life. With your support, we will cover the expenses of the Zapatista delegates in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. Have a look at the merchandise on our Teemill shop.

¡La Gira Zapatista Va!


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