Zapatista books arrive to London!

Some copies of the book “Critical Thought in the Face of the Capitalist Hydra I” are available in London from London Mexico Solidarity! Send us a private message to request a copy of the book and arrange for collection (normally in central London)

Suggested pricing is £10, to pay for printing and other costs, including a solidarity donation. All the proceeds will go to the Zapatista communities.
“Critical Thought in the Face of the Capitalist Hydra I” is the English translation of El Pensamiento Crítico Frente a la Hidra Capitalista I, published in Mexico by the Zapatista Army for National Liberation (EZLN) in July 2015. The volutme consists of the presentations made by the EZLN at the seminar of the same name, convoked by the EZLN and held in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, May 2-9 2015. Those presentations are found here translated in their enterity, along with some texts that were not read or fully presented during the seminar but appear in the Spanish version of the book. The last section “Signs and Signals” contains poetry and art solicited by the EZLN from various artists and authors as their contribution to the seminar. In addition, various theorists, intellectuals and militants from around the world to offer presentations to the more than 2600 seminar attendees. Their contributions can be found in Spanish in Volumes II and III of this seires published in Mexico.
Proceeds from the sale of this translation will go to the Zapatistas.

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