“Footprints of Memory” in London

Footprints of Memory Lnd 1Footprints of Memory Lnd 4Footprints of Memory Lnd 2Footprints of Memory Lnd 3Footprints of Memory Lnd 6Footprints of Memory Lnd 7Footprints of Memory Lnd 8Footprints of Memory Lnd 9Footprints of Memory Lnd 10Footprints of Memory Lnd 5Footprints of Memory Lnd 11Footprints of Memory Lnd 12Footprints of Memory Lnd 15Footprints of Memory Lnd 16Footprints of Memory Lnd 17Footprints of Memory Lnd 14

This is an action of solidarity with the disappeared in Mexico and the project “Footprints of Memory“, done in London by LMS and friends. We gathered to remember the names of those who have been disappeared for years in Mexico and to make their stories resonate around the world. Holding the shoes engraved by the artist Alfredo López Casanova with the stories of the disappeared, we also embraced the force of those looking for their loved ones, whom we stand in solidarity with.

From London, we demand justice and truth for the disappeared and their relatives.

London 19th of March, 2017.

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